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Black Quik Fenders in Stock

Black Quik Fender

Our latest shipment of Quik Fenders included them in Black Quik Fenders— ready to be shipped to your door!

If you haven’t tried our Quik Fenders, get ready to change the way you protect your boat. The Quik Fender allows you to hang and adjust boat fenders in seconds, without tying knots. Just slide the fender line through the marked side, wrap the line around the mooring and weave it through the 3 fingers on the opposite side. Then, pull on the straight line to adjust fender height and slide the Quik Fender up until it touches the rail. A slight side tug secures everything in place.

Click here to order your Black Quik Fenders now!

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Robert Stanley is an avid boater and inventor who founded RS Marine in 2009. He is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in robotics and metal fabrication. His goal is to help other enthusiasts better enjoy the time they spend on the water through devices that aid in boating safety and convenience.

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