About RS Marine

RS Marine was founded in 2009 by Bob Stanley, an avid boater, who noticed there were no efficient multi-tools available for negotiating close to docks and other boats. As a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in robotics and owner of laser cutting and metal fabrication business, Bob was sure he could develop a tool that was strong and light-weight, as well as easy to use and store on board. It was the beginning of making the ideal boating accessories.

RS Marine Boating Accessories

In 2011, The Boat Loop was redesigned to include three sizes of extendable poles, a push-away cap, and a removable loop head. The Boat Loop is a practical addition to many boating situations. This durable fiberglass loop extends your reach from approximately three to seven feet. Just pull to the desired length and quick lock into place. It’s perfect for reaching cleats or looping posts when docking. The end stub aids in pushing away or steering clear of objects in the water. Use the small boat hook for grabbing lines and the large one for hooking and retrieving items gone overboard.

Bob added The Quick Fender in 2012 in response to boaters who wanted to protect their boats and others while in close quarters. Quik Fender docks any boat in seconds without tying knots. Just slide the fender line through the marked side, wrap the line around the mooring and weave it through the 3 fingers on the opposite side. Then, pull on the straight line to adjust fender height and slide the Quik Fender up until it touches the rail. A slight side tug secures everything in place.

What’s Next?

Bob continues to work on designs for better, safer boating. Join our mailing list below, follow our blog, and follow us on facebook for updates on new products.


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