The Boat Loop

//The Boat Loop

The Boat Loop


  • Extendable Fiberglass Pole (3 Sizes)
  • Quick Lock and Release Mechanism
  • Removable Flexible Loop (2 Sizes)
  • Large and Small Boat Hooks
  • Rubber Pole Stub for Pushing
  • *White back for a limited time only

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Watch our video on how the Boat Loop works:

The Boat Loop is a practical addition to many boating situations. This durable fiberglass loop extends your reach from approximately three to seven feet beyond boat or dock. Just pull to the desired length and quick lock into place. It’s perfect for reaching cleats or looping posts when docking. The end stub aids in pushing away or steering clear of objects in the water. Use the small boat hook for grabbing lines and the large one for hooking and retrieving items gone overboard.

Removable Loop head

The loop removes for easy storage and is available in standard and XL sizes. Not sure which to choose? Get both sized loops when you purchase the loop pack.

Boat Loop Models

*RS Marine has the right to change shipping methods if necessary.


The Loop Head is a screw onto pole component. It requires three and a half rotations to tighten. Check and verify before every use to insure that it is tight. Failure to tighten may result in loss of the Loop Head.

At the users discretion, drilling and placing a small stainless steel screw through the Loop Head and pole end can make for a permanent attachment.

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