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The Boat Loop


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  • Extendable Fiberglass Pole (3 Sizes)
  • Quick Lock and Release Mechanism
  • Removable Flexible Loop (2 Sizes)
  • Large and Small Boat Hooks
  • Rubber Pole Stub for Pushing
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The Boat Loop is a practical addition to many boating situations. This durable fiberglass loop extends your reach from approximately three to seven feet beyond boat or dock. Just pull to the desired length and quick lock into place. It’s perfect for reaching cleats or looping posts when docking. The end stub aids in pushing away or steering clear of objects in the water. Use the small boat hook for grabbing lines and the large one for hooking and retrieving items gone overboard.

Removable Loop head

The loop removes for easy storage and is available in standard and XL sizes. Not sure which to choose? Get both sized loops when you purchase the loop pack.

Boat Loop Models

*RS Marine has the right to change shipping methods if necessary.

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25 reviews for The Boat Loop

  1. Walt Chattin

    Clever gizmo, well made, works very well.

  2. Ben

    We purchased the Boat Hoop in July. It is the absolute best device for our pontoon docking. We rate it five stars!

  3. Pat S (verified owner)

    This was my first experience dealing with RS Marine and they did an awesome job. They processed and shipped my Boat Loop on the same day that I ordered it. The Boat Loop arrived a few days later and we used it that evening. What a great product. We own a 24 ft tri-toon and the Boat Loop makes docking on the river a breeze. I think my neighbors on the river will be placing orders soon as they really liked the Boat Loop. I would have no problems referring friends and family to RS Marine nor would I hesitate to conduct future business with them.

  4. Harold Decker

    Discovered the boat loop from a friend and was impressed with both the simple solution and quality of product. Ordering was easy and delivery prompt. Lookin forward to using it on my new boat in the spring!


    Docking has always been a problem on the ocean. Whether the tide is coming in or going out, there is always one side of the dock where the tide is pulling the boat away from the dock and that is always the side that is available. The boat loop makes it easy to snag a dock cleat and pull the boat into the dock. The docking pole that I had previously had a plastic hook that broke when I tried to pull the boat in. The boat loop is very sturdy and comes apart for easy stowing when not docking. I love my boat loop – boating is fun again.

  6. Tom M.

    The, medium/ standard Boat Loop worked as advertised last week when I was bringing my boat in to a cleat only dock. I cut my engine and easily pulled closer allowing an easy exit to tie up. This was the first time I used the Loop. The hook itself will be also very handy for docking. A nearby docker showed me his Boat Loop and I was impressed and so read online sites.

  7. Jodi Boomsma

    Just received the Boat Loop aka marriage saver! This is the most important item we have on our boat. No more trying to lasso the cleat on the dock. Brilliant!

  8. Robert S. Rinka (verified owner)

    Our boat loop from RS Marine arrive the other day and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the product. Truly amazing and very useful. The boat loop allows to to safely and quickly dock our boat in the tightest of areas. The boat loop has removed all guesswork when docking our pontoon boat. All we need is to be within 8 feet of our desired area and we are assured of properly docking. I highly recommend the boosted loop. It has made docking easy.

  9. Curtis Simpson

    We just got the boat loop and now the wife and I can easily dock the boat anywhere. I works great!

  10. Michael Vega

    Love this thing! It’s made all the difference for us when we dock our boat. Everything is so much easier now. I recommend it highly.

  11. David Harrell Belair Md. 21014 (verified owner)

    The boat loop is a great tool! It is a very well made product. Please make sure you secure the head tightly. I lost the head on mine when my friend was placing the pole back into the boat. I was very upset as the pole was only a week old, RS Marine called and offered me a discount on the new head however I had already placed the order and paid the full price for a replacement. That was my fault I missed the voice mail that was left on my phone, The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful, I strongly recommend this product it will help with docking your boat.

    Dave Harrell

  12. Jim & Amy Daniels

    Absolutely love the boat loop! We have a 26′ single I/O that can sometimes (most of the time) be difficult to dock, especially on windy days. Our usual docking process, as is the same for countless others, is to hand my wife a line, get as close to the dock as possible and tell her to jump! Needless to say, this wasn’t a pleasant experience, especially for my wife! With the loop, my wife can safely stay on the boat and simply reach out and grab a cleat, I then slowly back into our slip! Thank you RS Marine for developing such an innovative, simple and effective product!

    Jim & Amy Daniels

  13. Dobry

    Recommended without reservations.

    Excellently designed. Quality construction. Makes docking much much easier. Can be used both as a regular boat hook and as a loop. Worth every penny. Recommended without reservations.

  14. Mike Smith

    Great idea and its very helpful when coming into a dock

  15. William McInnis

    Just tried it out this weekend. Worked perfectly, very good constrauction as well.

  16. Terry Jagielski

    Works great and is easily stored in boat when not in use.

  17. Mauel

    Very easy to use also very light

  18. Ed Kroznuski

    Five Stars. My wife and I both love it. Takes care of several problems with docking.

  19. Richard Camardo

    Works great!

  20. Cindy

    Five Stars. Has made a world of difference in docking our boat. Much easier and we have more confidence.

  21. Jerry

    Great multiple use boating tool! Keeps my first mate in a secure position in the boat instead of reaching over the side while docking. Very well made product. Worth the price!

  22. Christy Straub

    We purchased a Boat Loop because we were in need of a boat hook. I am extremely satisfied with this product as it has dual purpose. It allows me to hook our ropes to dock our boat in the slip and when I miss a rope (as I did this past weekend) I can use it to loop around the dock pole or cleat to pull us to the dock. Fantastic product that is very sturdy and locks in what length your needs are. I would recommend this to all those that own a boat!

  23. C. Tuggle

    So Versatile! Every boat should have one. Boat Loop has taken so much stress out of boating. For someone boating alone, it is an absolute MUST. Like having a precise First Mate, insurance and safety all wrapped in one. My favorite feature is that IT FLOATS! Other things I love is the giant pull leverage, the replacing of throwing a lasso rope with accuracy and no misses ever, and that it comes a part for easy storage. It would make an excellent gift for the boater. RS Marine is the ultimate innovator in boating accessories.

  24. Harold R. Thomas, Jr

    I didn’t realize how much I would benefit from this product until first used it. I no longer have to ask for assistance when trying to doc my boat. Thanks to the boat loop I can go fishing whenever I want!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! Great product

  25. Sebastian

    I initially purchased my Boat Loop MT3-6 because I was tired of wasting time attempting to lasso the cleats at the dock. The loop makes it so easy now I’m not sure how I functioned without previously.

    Since my purchase, I have found numerous other uses for the device. The rubber plug at the front is great for pushing off when you get too close to the dock and the dual hooks really help out at the cove when we’re rafting the boats together. I just hook the line in the loop, extend the pole, and hand it to the other boat. It’s Brilliant!

    One side note there is a quick lock function that allows you to extend and lock the pole in place in seconds. I was under the assumption that you had to unscrew the nut, extend it, then lock the nut in place. You can still do it this way, but its much faster to just twist the lock into place!

    I loved the device so much I purchased another (the Long MT4-8) for my boat and one for my dad for this upcoming fathers day. IMO, this is one of the best new boating devices I’ve seen this year.

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